Outstanding Alumni


Congratulations to HCC alumni Chris Lind and Emily Vick Agnew, who recently displayed their performance talents in the area! Chris and Emily were among the first group of children who attended HCC back in the late ’80s, and their mothers were part of the group of parents who founded Haddonfield Child Care.

Chris, who has worked at Carnegie Hall as well as teaching in after-school programs (including HCC!) to support his career, was invited to sing at the World Cafe in Philadelphia. He lives in New York City where he works with children while pursuing his musical career.

Emily, who is a working actress, has toured nationally in stage shows. She performed recently at The Markeim Arts Center before returning to Canada where she now resides.


Lauren is an alum of one of our first EDKP programs.  She is a graduate of HMHS and Emerson. Her mother, Ginny, was a founding member and the second president of the HCC Board of Trustees.

Lauren has become an accomplished tri-athlete, participating in numerous triathlons, including the Dublin Marathon. After several years of working for Comcast in Denver Colorado, Lauren is now back in Haddonfield where she is working part-time for Comcast and preparing for Graduate School.

Lauren recently volunteered at our Extended Day Kindergarten Program where she helped the staff design and implement our “Fun, Food and Fitness” program which was funded by a grant from the NY Road Runners. The program, which encouraged healthy eating and fitness training, culminated with an event on May 4, 2012 where the children of EDKP demonstrated the fitness skills Lauren had shown them. The event, held at the Haddonfield Masonic Temple, was open to children of the community as well as our own HCC kindergarteners.


Lauren DeLong at the Dublin marathon


Inseparable since their arrival within ten minutes of each other, on March 24, 1979,at Cooper Hospital,Sloan and Amanda are the children of the late Trevor A. Fisk and Mrs. Pamela Fisk and siblings of Eliot ( HMHS class of 1988) and Lloyd ( HMHS class of1989)

The twins were among the first beneficiaries of Haddonfield Child Care, and their mother recalls feeling not only that they were safely and lovingly cared for and formed friendships that were to continue as they grew up,but also that the experience gave them a sense of independence which was to serve them well as adults. After graduating from HMHS, Sloan and Amanda proceeded to the University of Colorado at Boulder and Lafayette College respectively, from which Sloan gained a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and  Amanda a BA in German and Government.

While at Lafayette,Amanda joined ROTC and was commissioned upon her graduation.  After further training, she was stationed in Germany and deployed from there to Iraq, where she led a platoon to Baghdad with the invasion in 2004. Serving four years in the army, she was then accepted at California Western School of Law in San Diego,specializing in Sports and Entertainment Law, and will graduate in April 2008.

After graduating from U.C. Boulder, Sloan considered a career in physical therapy, working for Virtua Health System while continuing his studies.  Finally deciding to join the Army, he was accepted at Officer Training School and was commissioned with the oath administered by his sister, Captain Amanda Fisk.  Sloan returned from a 15 month tour of duty in Iraq in November 2007, a recipient of the Bronze Star. He is now stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and expects to be deployed again in November2008, either to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Administration of the oath to 2nd Lieutenant Sloan Fisk by Captain Amanda Fisk

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