Schedule & Location

Each program follows the regular calendar of the school in which it is located. Additionally, programs are available on scheduled early dismissal days, but not on snow days or school closing days.

Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP): The program is currently housed at Lutheran Church of Our Savior, on the corner of Wood and Wayne Avenues. Students are transported to or from their respective elementary schools and the EDKP site with adult supervision on a privately contracted bus.

When the children attend the AM Kindergarten session, EDKP begins at approximately 11:10am.  The children are picked up by bus at their home school and transported to the EDK classroom.  Regular EDKP ends at 3:15pm, all children are transported back to their home school by bus to either be picked-up by parent/guardian or those enrolled in the HCC After School Program will be picked-up by the HCC staff.  When these children need before school care, they will attend the before school program at their own elementary school.

Children attending the P.M. Kindergarten session may go directly to the EDKP classroom at Lutheran Church of Our Savior, on the corner of Wood and Wayne Avenues, as early as 7:30 a.m. to join in the before school program, with the regular EDKP session beginning in the same room at 8:30 a.m. Those children are transported by bus to afternoon kindergarten at their home schools beginning at approximately 12:00 noon. For care following afternoon kindergarten, the children may be enrolled in the HCC after school program at their own elementary school.

HCC contracts with a transportation company for bus services to/from EDKP. Our regular bus is equipped with seat belts, and an HCC staff member rides on the bus with the children. On rare occasions the bus may be delayed due to traffic conditions, or severe weather conditions. The schools will be notified that there will be a schedule disruption, and generally this can be accommodated.

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