HCC tuition includes daily care, activities, and most materials and supplies. In the case of EDKP , it also includes daily transportation by school bus.

Download a fee schedule describing the various charges, covering both regular monthly tuition as well as the fees for additional (per diem or unscheduled) charges under the Form Downloads Section.

There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges of days for illness, vacation, or when a holiday falls on your regularly scheduled day. Please refer to the separate tuition sheet provided for your convenience, which details in greater depth your tuition obligations and policies regarding schedule changes.

All matters related to billing/scheduling must be discussed with the Bookkeeper or Executive Director. For the sake of you and your child and your relationship with the staff, we have deliberately distanced our program staff from tuition matters. Please do not give them tuition payments, nor attempt to resolve billing problems or schedule changes with them.


Tuition is a yearly figure, which is divided into ten equal installments for ease of payment. Because the tuition has been divided into equal installments, the installments do not necessarily reflect the actual number of school days in a given month.

A security deposit representing one full month’s tuition will be required upon enrollment. This deposit will be applied to June, or to the final month billed, if notice is given according to policy. Withdrawal from the program without required notice will result in loss of this deposit.

A statement will be sent each month outlining both your regular monthly installment as well as any additional charges or late fees incurred. Please keep one copy of these statements for your personal record of child care expenses, and return the other along with your check or money order (no cash, please) by mail to:

Haddonfield Child Care 
P.O. Box 107 
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Payments may be made in person at the HCC Office in the Lutheran Church, 204 Wayne Avenue, Haddonfield. Although the Office is usually staffed from 7:30am to 12:30 and 1:00pm to 4:00pm p.m. during the school year, it is best to call and check if you will be coming in early or late in the day, or during summer or school closing days.

We cannot be responsible for payments left at a school office, under the HCC Office door, or any other location. Under no circumstances may a program teacher accept a tuition payment.

Payment is due on the first of each month. Payments not received in the HCC office by the seventh of the month are subject to a $15.00 late charge. Should tuition remain unpaid on the last day of the month, the child will be refused admission on the next scheduled day. Re-admission will require payment in cash, or by certified check or money order. An unpaid balance remaining at the end of the school year will result in refusal of future admission of that child or other children in the immediate family.

Reduced fees are available for families with multiple children enrolled in the program, with the discount given on the lesser tuition or the non-EDKP child. A five-percent discount is offered to families who pre-pay tuition for a five-month period, either the June deposit plus September to December, or January to May. The same discount applies to lump sum payments of the full year tuition.

Checks returned by the bank will be re-deposited once; if refused again, payment must be made by certified check, money order, or in cash within five business days. Parents will be charged for any fees incurred due to returned checks.


Through community fundraising, the HCC Board of Trustees provides a limited amount of funding each year for the Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) Fund.

TAG applicaiton

TAG Policy

 Most TAG awards are granted during July or early August, when the committee meets annually. The available funds are awarded based on relative need among applications submitted and the funds currently available. Applicants are encouraged to return the packet of materials by the summer deadline in order to have the best chance of receiving a grant. Awards are determined as a percentage of the applicants’ tuition. Please note that full grants are rarely given.

When current funding and applicant pool permit, a limited amount of funds may be kept in reserve to assist families enrolling later or finding themselves in financial difficulty during the school year. Parents/guardians who wish to apply for TAG funds later in the school year should contact the Executive Director regarding availability. TAG applications received after the summer deadline will be held and reviewed in January.


All program parents/guardians are encouraged to support the ongoing fundraising efforts of the Board of Trustees on behalf the TAG Fund. Parents/guardians preferring not to participate are permitted to deduct that amount from the tuition payment at the time it appears on their bill.

Through corporate matching gifts and individual donations, as well as by support of fundraising events, you can also assist HCC in insuring that families in need have access to our program and that no child will be turned away for lack of funds. Please call the HCC Office for more information about how you or your employer can contribute to the TAG Fund.

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