Haddonfield Child Care offers an outstanding kindergarten wraparound program called the Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP), which provides enrichment and child care in a school-based setting.

Entering its 30th year of serving the community, EDKP is currently housed in a classroom at Haddonfield Memorial High School, the EDKP is a licensed program which offers qualified and experienced staff, a carefully designed curriculum, and transportation to or from kindergarten.

Families may choose schedules of one to five days per week, for the hours between 8:30 and the start of afternoon kindergarten, or from morning kindergarten dismissal until 3:15. Before and after school care is also available.

Parents interested in EDKP are encouraged to attend the Haddonfield School District Information Night, on Thursday, January 15 at 7:00 pm at Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School. Executive Director Denise Sellers, and EDKP Supervisor Rose Ellen Miller will be on hand to answer questions about the program, and explain the registration process.

EDKP registration will be held in room A129 at Haddonfield Memorial High School on January 28, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Space in the EDKP is limited, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so parents are encouraged not to be late!

For more information, call the HCC Office at 429-1603.

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Did you know that you can (and should!) register now for the 2014-15 school year?

Why so soon?

First, because the sooner we know how many children who will be attending, the sooner we can begin our planning, preparation, and hiring in order to provide the best possible programs next fall for your children.

Second, because the registration fee will jump from $50 to $100 on June 1! We know you can think of something to spend that extra $50 on this spring … new sandals, garden plants, a vacation deposit perhaps? … so act now, and save!

You can download the forms you will need from the website, or register on-line.

Call the HCC Office at 429-1603 for more information or assistance.

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Due to continuing serious weather conditions, the Haddonfield Public Schools and all Haddonfield Child Care Programs will be closed on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Please stay safe, and drive only if you must!

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Due to expected severe weather conditions, Haddonfield Schools will be closing early, and there will be no after school programs today.

The kindergartens and EDKP will follow a half day schedule. PM Kindergarten students should be picked up at 12:30 dismissal. PM EDKP students must be picked up by 1:00 at HMHS.

We will update the information for tomorrow as soon as we receive it.

Please drive safely if you must go out!

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All programs of Haddonfield Child Care will be closed today, Friday January 3, 2014, due to inclement weather.

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Haddonfield Public Schools and Haddonfield Child Care are closed due to inclement weather today, Tuesday, December 10.

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Though founded by a group of parents nearly thirty years ago when they needed before and after school care for their children while they were at work, Haddonfield Child Care has evolved into more than what they envisioned when naming the program.

Like many other afterschool programs around the country, HCC has become a multi-faceted program for young people in the community.

Of course, we still provide that important service of a safe, secure place for children to be while their parents are at work. But for some parents, it’s also a way to give their child an opportunity socialize with other children. For others, it’s a place to do homework, gain some enrichment, be creative, or experience service learning. It’s a fun and friend-filled alternative to the isolation of a sofa and screen time.

For older youth, it’s a place to be a volunteer, to learn the importance of commiting to something meaningful. And for high school students, it can be an opportunity to experience their first paid employment, in an environment which their parents know and trust.

And ultimately, HCC has become a place where college students and recent grads can find employment and test out career goals in a place of familiarity. We have become a trusted family resource, ready and willing to help our program alumni in any way we can.

So if you are considering enrolling your child in a Haddonfield Child Care program like EDKP or afterschool care, know two things: first, it’s not just child care, it’s a multi-faceted program dedicated to providing high quality, developmentally appropriate experiences for children and youth from kindergarten into middle school, high school, and beyond; and second, it is also a place where your child can feel at home for many years to come, long after they need us as caregivers.

Just ask Alexa and Allison, John and Scott, and others who have been through our programs, and continue to be involved well into their twenties and thirties.

We currently have room in all of our programs, including the ever popular Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP).

Why not call and talk with us about meeting the needs of your family?

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The summer was full of surprises at HCC, but by far the biggest one was the district’s decision to move our Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP) from Central School back to Haddonfield High School, to the same room where the program began 27 years ago!

I remember preparing room A127 in the summer of 1986, as we anticipated the arrival of our first group of kindergarteners to the newly created Extended Day Kindergarten Program. This year, as we readied the room for our newest group, some past EDKP kids helped in the process. One young man was part of the team which re-painted the room for us; one of the girls was working in the office with us this summer as we made plans for the new room, and actually works part time in the EDKP.

Although the move was unexpected and had to be accomplished quickly, the newly prepared room has proven to be worth the effort. With a fresh coat of white paint and some new furniture and colorful rugs, the room is a delight. Lots of bright, airy windows, and plenty of space for the children to work and play … even a private, kid-sized bathroom … it’s turned out to be a terrific place for our 2013-14 EDKP classes.

As an added bonus, the faculty and staff of HMHS have welcomed the little ones into their community with open arms.

Who says you can’t go home again???

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Would you like to make a positive difference in the life of a child?

Haddonfield Child Care currently has employment opportunities for positions in our before and after school programs and Extended Day Kindergarten program.

A Program Supervisor, as well as before and after school staff and substitutes, are needed for this September.

All positions are part-time, Monday through Friday. Some are part week, while others require a five day per week schedule. Ability to work the full school calendar year is necessary.

Education backround and experience working with school age children grades K-5 is preferred, and the level of education required varies with position. All applicants must be positive, upbeat, high energy and creative individuals who enjoy working with children in a recreational setting.

Interested? Call (856) 429-1603, or send your resume to TODAY to apply.

Plese note: All newly hired staff must be available for mandatory pre-service training during the week of August 19-23, 2013.

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Did you know that the children of Haddonfield Child Care’s Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP) celebrated the Haddonfield Tricentennial by illustrating a Longfellow poem about Elizabeth Haddon?

They also learned about jazz musicians, modern artists, presidents and heroes. They studied healthy, active lifestyles including good nutrition practices and exercise. They took up the challenges of STEM (science, engineering, technology and math), learning and experimenting with biology, chemistry, and engineering. And they began the road to good citizenship, both by learning about their community and carrying out community service projects.

What will YOUR kindergartener do before or after the Haddonfield half day kindergarten session next year? Will you be looking for play dates to fill out of school hours, or arranging a complex mix of classes or lessons? Why not sign on to EDKP, where you know that a whole range of enriching activities await the children in one place each day? And transportation to or from the three elementary school kindergartens is already arranged and included, assuring a seamless and worry-free day for parents.

Housed at Central Elementary School, you can rest assured that your child will be in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, staffed by experienced professionals who will provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on the latest research, and planned to enhance their kindergarten experience. At a recent panel discussion on expanded learning opportunities sponsored by the NJ Department of Education, the EDKP was recognized for its service learning component as part of NJ CARES, an initiative of the NJ School Age Care Coalition.

For over a quarter century, the Haddonfield Child Care Extended Day Kindergarten Program has served the community by working cooperatively with the schools to provide Haddonfield kindergarteners with a healthy balance of social, emotional, physical, and academic enrichment, in addition to dependable child care for working families. Many of those early “EDKP kids” are now adults in the workforce themselves, who fondly remember their days at EDKP and recall the friendships made there. A few have even returned to become EDKP staff!

Limited spaces (either full or part week) still remain for this long established and highly regarded non-profit wraparound program, so parents interested in registering for the 2013-14 session should contact the HCC Office at 429-1603 as soon as possible to reserve a place.

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