Did you know that HCC staff receive many hours of pre-service and continuing education throughout the school year? While some continuing education is required by the state in order to ensure that child care staff is up to speed on the developmental needs of children and the laws surrounding care, HCC exceeds those basic requirements in order to better prepare the staff to provide a high quality prgram fo your children.

Although many of you thought the HCC Office was closed last week for vacations, that was not the case. The staff of HCC … from supervisors to high school aides … were part of three days of pre-service staff development and preparation for the coming school year.

Several staff members spent Tuesday being re-certified in First Aid and CPR. All staff spent Wednesday and Thursday reviewing HCC and NJ Office of Licensing policies and procedures, hearing about the NJ law regarding HIB (Harrassment, Intimidation and Bullying), and planning interesting and enriching activities for the upcoming year.

HCC Director Denise Sellers presented material on the Association for Childhood Education International’s “Ten Pillars of Good Childhood,” aligning the concept with the “Forty Developmental Assets” from the Search Institute which HCC already uses as an underpinning of our program curriculum. The National AfterSchool Association’s Quality Standards and Code of Ethics were reviewed and discussed as well.

On Thursday, Ms. Jennifer Grimaldi, a HPS counselor and the coordinator of the district’s HIB implementation program, discussed the NJ law and made suggestions for bullying prevention techniques and how HCC should coordinate with school personnel in these efforts.

The training days culminated with interesting and exciting presentations by each HCC staff member on activities they will plan and present to the children throughout the school year. From pen pals to poetry to puzzles, each described a “passion” of their own which could be translated into enriching activities for the children. Music and dance, fitness and games, international studies and US national parks were among the topics staff are planning to present. It promises to be a very exciting year for the children!

We hope that you will feel secure in the knowledge that HCC takes the concept of program quality very seriously, and is committed to providing a safe, enriching, and fun place for your children to be after 3!

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