Though founded by a group of parents nearly thirty years ago when they needed before and after school care for their children while they were at work, Haddonfield Child Care has evolved into more than what they envisioned when naming the program.

Like many other afterschool programs around the country, HCC has become a multi-faceted program for young people in the community.

Of course, we still provide that important service of a safe, secure place for children to be while their parents are at work. But for some parents, it’s also a way to give their child an opportunity socialize with other children. For others, it’s a place to do homework, gain some enrichment, be creative, or experience service learning. It’s a fun and friend-filled alternative to the isolation of a sofa and screen time.

For older youth, it’s a place to be a volunteer, to learn the importance of commiting to something meaningful. And for high school students, it can be an opportunity to experience their first paid employment, in an environment which their parents know and trust.

And ultimately, HCC has become a place where college students and recent grads can find employment and test out career goals in a place of familiarity. We have become a trusted family resource, ready and willing to help our program alumni in any way we can.

So if you are considering enrolling your child in a Haddonfield Child Care program like EDKP or afterschool care, know two things: first, it’s not just child care, it’s a multi-faceted program dedicated to providing high quality, developmentally appropriate experiences for children and youth from kindergarten into middle school, high school, and beyond; and second, it is also a place where your child can feel at home for many years to come, long after they need us as caregivers.

Just ask Alexa and Allison, John and Scott, and others who have been through our programs, and continue to be involved well into their twenties and thirties.

We currently have room in all of our programs, including the ever popular Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP).

Why not call and talk with us about meeting the needs of your family?

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