This was the year that we expected to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of our Extended Day Kindergarten Program (EDKP). The program opened in September of 1986, on the heels of the founding of Haddonfield Child Care itself just the year before. Both the before and after school programs and EDKP were the result of work by visionary members of the community, who came together and established these programs to meet the changing needs of families in town.

Who knew that, instead of planning a birthday party, we would find ourselves scrambling to continue the EDKP, due to the lack of space in the public schools to house it!

However, in true Haddonfield fashion, when word went out that HCC was in need of a new home for our EDKP, the community stepped up and helped us find space outside of the overcrowded schools. Several community churches agreed to meet with us, including Haddonfield United Methodist Church and Grace Episcopal Church, and we are grateful for their support.  The decision was finally made based on many factors, including access, location, and space available.

We are happy to report that the EDKP and the HCC Office will re-locate to the Lutheran Church of Our Savior, on the corner of Wood and Wayne Avenues, sometime this summer. Thanks to the immediate and generous welcome by Pastor Wayne Zschech and his congregation, we were able to begin the tedious but soon to be completed process of  licensing and re-locating our kindergarten wraparound program and office from HMHS to the Lutheran church’s ample and lovely facilities.

Though delayed initially by the unexpected need to move, registration for the 2016-17 EDKP has finally been completed, and it appears that all families who need care and have registered will now be accommodated. Any further EDKP registrations will be considered on a space available basis.

Please note that the before and after school programs will remain in the public schools, and registration for those programs is not limited. The HCC Office will remain in its current location, at Eizabeth Haddon School, 501 Redman Avenue, until at least the end of the current (2015-16) school year.

For more information about EDKP and to inquire as to possibility of enrollment, and for information about before and after school care as well, please call the HCC Office at (856) 429-1603.


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